5 Tips for Checking A Doctor’s Background

If you suffered from medical malpractice, contact us TODAY!

If you suffered from medical malpractice, contact us TODAY!

Medical malpractice stories are becoming more and more common. Many have been affected one way or another by medical malpractice, whether it was yourself, a loved on or a friend, we have heard about the horrors of medical malpractice. It is a serious problem as it can result in severe injuries and even death. One of the most important ways to avoid medical malpractice, as a patient, is to thoroughly check your doctor’s background and history before starting treatment of any kinds. The attorneys at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC provide several tips for checking a doctor’s background in order to lessen the risk of being injured due to medical malpractice.

1. Always check a doctor’s credentials. By doing this, you can find quality health care and find the best-trained physicians.
2. Check with your state’s medical board to ensure that your doctor is licensed in the state where you reside. Many state medical boards will also give details in any disciplinary actions or pervious malpractice cases.
3. Look for board certified doctors. This means that they doctor is certified with the American Board of Medical Specialties. That certification shows that the doctor earned a medical degree from a qualified medical school, completed three to seven years in an accredited residency and is licensed by a stat medical board.
4. Use online physician rating websites to see reviews. There are several different sites including www.healthgrades.com and www.rateMDs.com. You can get a general idea about a doctor but beware that the quality of each review site is not the same. Use them wisely.
5. Meet with the doctor and ask questions. Be willing to ask open, honest, and even blunt questions. If you are uncomfortable after meeting with the doctor for any reason, consider finding a different doctor.

If you or a loved on has suffered an injury from medical malpractice, contact the experienced Provo medical malpractice attorneys. Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC have the experience to help.

Posted March 29th, 2016