Auto Pilot Cars: Who is Responsible for Accidents?

auto pilot cars

A Growing Frontier in Legislation

Technology continues to innovate the way that individuals live. In many ways, it has helped. However, when it comes to big changes like self-driving cars, there is always a period in which accidents arise. Lawmakers are unsure of how to regulate the self-piloting vehicles because it is brand new territory. That leaves those who are injured by the autopilot cars at a disadvantage. At Howard Lewis & Petersen, they understand the fear that many feel in regard to self-driving cars. That’s why when an accident occurs involving a self-driving car, individuals need to rely on their Provo Utah injury lawyers.

Who is at Fault

The biggest question that many people are going to face during an accident with a self-driving car is who is at fault? Was it the person in the car? Or was it the manufacturer? After all, the car is driving itself. The passenger, while they likely have some control over the car, likely left the driving in the car’s seemingly capable hands. It’s a lot more difficult to exact justice from a corporation than it is an individual. However, this is something that Howard Lewis & Petersen have extensive experience in doing. 

An individual shouldn’t be taken advantage of simply because the lawmakers aren’t sure how to regulate self-driving cars yet. Those are serious injuries that a person can sustain. Their medical bills alone may be enough to wipe out their emergency funds. They need justice. Provo Utah injury lawyers can help that individual who is a victim of a self-driving car accident. 

Because the law is so new–and often has yet to be written–in regard to self-driving cars, it is virtually impossible for an individual to attempt to represent themselves and receive the justice that they deserve. Instead, they should call an experienced to help them.


Posted June 14th, 2019