Family law attorney Matt Brimley joined the firm on 03/01/2018. He brings nearly 18 years of family law experience to the firm. Dallas Brent Young has joined the firm and practices felony criminal defense along with personal injury. Dallas has extensive experience defending and prosecuting personal injury cases.

On 03/13/2018, Legal Secretary Julie Heelis, has been working at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC. for 40 years. Congratulations to Julie Heelis for years of dedicated service.

Skiing and Brain Injuries

Posted March 13th, 2018

Brain injuries can be extremely traumatic, both physically and mentally. These are among some of the worst and most dangerous injuries, as the brain controls the entire body. If a part of the brain is disabled, there is a chance that you will lose some sort of functionality in your day-to-day life. While skiing is […]

Utah Reckless Driving Traffic Offenses

Posted February 26th, 2018

RECKLESS DRIVING LAWYER COSTS. The costs of hiring a Utah reckless driving defense attorney could be more affordable than you think. Sometimes, the alleged reckless driving can be resolved down to a speeding violation at the first hearing. Utah does not count speeding violations on your criminal record. Your attorney costs to hire a reckless […]

When you are not an insider to the legal world, it could be very difficult to find a good criminal defense attorney near you. Here is the inside scoop about how to choose a top Utah criminal defense attorney. These are some key points to look for in choosing a Utah criminal defense attorney: (1). […]

5 Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents

Posted January 25th, 2018

Although it is unfortunate fact of life, accidents happen. In the state of Utah alone, the number of traffic deaths in 2016 was 281, the highest number of fatalities in nine years. If someone you know has been affected by these tragedies, Utah car accident attorneys are ready to represent you. Five of the most common causes of Utah’s […]

Wrong-way Accidents in Utah-How to Avoid

Posted January 18th, 2018

According to the Federal Highway Administration, driving the wrong way causes 300 to 400 deaths. Wrong-way driving is when a person travels in the opposite direction that is designated for that road. While wrong-way driving only contributes to about 3 percent of car accidents, these accidents are more likely to result in death than other […]

Substantiation Hearing on Supported Findings Have you been contacted by a Utah Child Protection Services worker? Are you being accused of child abuse, child sex abuse or neglect? A supported finding of child abuse by the State of Utah carries serious collateral consequences. Here is how to challenge a “Supported Finding” of child abuse in […]

Personal injury attorney Jake Gunter will be presenting on Utah auto accident law in April 2018.   Personal injury lawyer Jake Gunter regularly practices Utah auto accident law.

Sean Petersen’s last day at Howard, Lewis & Petersen, PC was 01/12/2018 Sean M. Petersen has been appointed by the Fourth District and Juvenile Court judges to serve as a domestic relations and juvenile court commissioner.