county fair

Injured At The State Or County Fair?

Posted October 10th, 2018

When you attend a state or county fair, you expect to have fun. However, what starts out as fun may turn into a day filled with injuries. With large crowds of people, amusement rides, and animals present, a variety of accidents can occur. Whether you’re attending the Utah County Fair, Pony Express Days, Fair in […]

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Rubbernecking: Injuries that Can Happen

Posted September 10th, 2018

What is Rubbernecking? Rubbernecking is the act of staring at something outside of your car. It is considered a form of distracted driving. Car accidents are something that often attracts the attention of other drivers. However, drivers who look at other accidents may find themselves being involved in one themselves. It does not take long […]

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eating while driving

Distracted Driving: Eating Behind the Wheel

Posted September 3rd, 2018

We live in a society where people are constantly on the go. That is why many people eat while they are behind the wheel. Fast food makes it easy for people to get food on the go. While eating behind the wheel may seem like a convenient choice if you are a busy person, it […]

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estate planning

Last May, the Utah Uniform Transfer on Death Act became effective. The basic purpose of the law is to allow Utah residents to pass title from one person to the next while avoiding probate. Before enacting House Bill 199, property in Utah could only pass from one generation to the next through a number of […]

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distracted driving

Distracted Driving: Applying Makeup

Posted August 27th, 2018

Why it is Dangerous to Apply Makeup While Driving Applying makeup while driving is another form of distraction which takes the driver’s mind off of the road. Any time that a driver is distracted, they put themselves and the other people on the road in danger. Every year, 416,000 people are injured in an accident […]

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self driving car

Self-Driving Car Accidents

Posted August 20th, 2018

Whether you like it or not, self-driving cars are being used with increasing frequency on our roadways. Completely driverless cars with no steering wheels or brake pedals are a short time away. Until then, the human being behind the steering wheel of a self-driving car still plays a role in getting from his or her […]

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crosswalk safety

The Importance of Crosswalk Safety

Posted August 13th, 2018

You don’t have to be a personal injury lawyer in Utah to know that distracted driving has been in the news quite a bit recently. Too many drivers aren’t willing to ignore their cell phones, which leads to numerous car accidents and fatalities every year. The problem is so widespread that safety campaigns and laws […]

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car technology

Car Technology: Aide or Distraction?

Posted August 6th, 2018

As cars have evolved over the past decade, they have become filled with many types of high-tech devices. From bluetooth and internet access to automated parking assistance and windshield displays showing the car’s speed and directions to your destination, it seems like the stuff from a sci-fi novel. However, while many drivers enjoy this technology […]

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social media

After being involved in a car accident, it is perfectly normal to want to inform your family and friends. One of the most popular ways of doing that in this day and age is to post it on social media. However, personal injury attorneys in recommend you completely shut down your social media pages during […]

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road debris

Road Debris: Danger for Motorcyclists

Posted July 23rd, 2018

Road debris can injure motorcyclists more than other vehicles on the road. If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured by road debris, you have resources at Provo lawyers. We can help you determine who was responsible for the road debris and if a truck contributed to kicking up debris that they should have […]

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