But My Case Isn’t Settled Yet: Medical Bill Payments


When your life has been turned upside down by an accident and the resulting injuries and damages, the last thing you want is added stress in the form of medical bills. But medical bills often come hand in hand with an accident. Many people expect insurance or a settlement to cover these bills, but the hospitals are often asking for money before you receive a payout on your care.

If you’ve been hit by these bills earlier than your finances are prepared to deal with them, your options seem limited. Either you must push your health insurance provider to cover immediate expenses in exchange for compensation once your claim is resolved, or you must pay out of your own pocket, which includes seeking loans or other temporary solutions that may be problematic down the line.

There are a few aspects of the process that can ease the financial strain. First, make sure you document all medical-related expenses and processes, from emergency room visits to medicine to therapy sessions, and even the transportation. Second, talk to your medical provider about placing a hold on your account, so the provider does not notify collection agencies as long as you have agreed to pay your bills as soon as you have reached a settlement. Finally, a car accident settlement loan can help cover your bills while you are in settlement limbo.

If you are stuck in a serious injury case that continues to drag on after your medical bills have shown up, make sure you have a knowledgeable Provo personal injury attorney in your corner. Contact the attorneys at Howard, Lewis & Peterson for a consultation today.

Posted May 13th, 2016