Can 5 MPH Car Crashes Cause Injuries?

car accidentWhen most people think of car crashes, they envision high-speed impacts resulting in broken bones, lacerations, and even deaths. However, 15 percent of all car crashes are low-speed accidents, defined as those occurring when traveling less than 30 miles per hour. In fact, many crashes happen when one or both vehicles may be going only five miles per hour. While this sounds negligible, serious and often permanent injuries can occur. If this has happened to you, it’s important to hire Provo personal injury attorneys who have experience with these cases.

Low-Speed Accident Injuries 

If one that is going only five miles per hour strikes your vehicle, you’ll likely suffer various injuries. One of the most common will be a nagging and persistent soreness in your neck, back, or head, all of which can point to a variety of injuries. While a headache that won’t go away can sometimes indicate a brain injury and should always be attended to immediately by a doctor, neck and back pain can often be the result of ligament and tendon damage. Unfortunately, the longer you ignore these injuries, the greater the likelihood you will never fully heal and regain total mobility. According to orthopedic specialists, many people who have waited six weeks or more before seeking medical treatment often have lingering problems with joint instability and movement.

How Provo Lawyers Can Help 

If you have been involved in a low-speed crash of only five miles per hour and are feeling lingering effects such as back or neck pain, don’t hesitate to seek both medical attention and the advice of a car accident attorney in Provo. By doing so, you can have your injuries attended to, while also learning about your legal rights involving gaining compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the law firm of Howard Lewis & Petersen.

Posted October 31st, 2018