Car Accident Case Updates

In September 2015, attorney Jacob S. Gunter at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC negotiated settlements totaling $417,000 in three car accident personal injury cases.

Car accident

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The first case was an intersection collision in Orem, Utah, and settled for $12,000. Though it is possible that the case had more potential value, the client chose not to file a lawsuit – an understandable decision, given the time and expense involved in the jury trial process.

The second case involved an innocent passenger who was involved in a one car rollover near Cedar City, Utah. The facts showed that the driver carelessly operated his vehicle when trying to avoid an elk in the middle of the road, causing his SUV to roll over at high speeds. The passenger was ejected and sustained serious injuries. This case settled at $290,000.

The last case involved a young woman who was rear ended in Orem, Utah on State Street.  The medical records showed that she sustained permanent injuries to her jaw as a result of the accident.  Before she contacted HLP, the best offer from the insurance company was $11,000.  Mr. Gunter helped her to obtain a proper medical work-up and retained expert witnesses to forecast future medical expenses and medical care. Once all the evidence was presented to the insurance company, the case settled for $115,000.

Choosing an experienced trial lawyer to represent you in your personal injury case can make a huge difference in your recovery. Your attorney’s trial record – or history of avoiding trial – is one factor that could be scrutinized by insurance companies when they value your case for settlement, so it is important to select a skilled trial attorney with a proven track record.

At Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC in Provo, Utah, we use our diverse and comprehensive knowledge of case law and trial strategy to fight hard for your rights and needs in personal injury cases. If you have been involved in a car collision as a driver or as a passenger contact us today for a free consultation.

Posted November 14th, 2015