Charged with a Felony? What are the Consequences?

charged with felony

Facing a felony charge, no matter what the crime, is very serious. If you are convicted, there are certain consequences you can face. Overall, you can lose many of your basic rights in addition to dealing with serious penalties.


If you are convicted of a felony, you may later find it difficult to get a job. Employers are allowed to ask about applicants’ criminal history and perform background checks on them as well. Not all employers are willing to hire a person with a felony conviction on their record, even if the individual is open and honest about it. In addition, there are certain jobs you might not even be eligible to apply for after you have gotten a felony conviction.

Voting Rights

People convicted of felonies commonly lose their voting privileges. This also means they may not be allowed to participate in jury duty, hold public office or even run for public office. At the same time, some laws pertaining to this matter are being overturned in some states, reinstating convicted felons’ right to vote. However, still, you can expect to lose your voting rights after a felony charge and subsequent conviction.

Owning Firearms

If you face a felony charge and are ultimately convicted, you can lose your right to own firearms. If you have a valid license to possess a firearm, your conviction can nullify it. You will likely be required to transfer your weapons to a person who is legally able to own firearms.

No matter what the circumstances of the specific crime, a felony charge and conviction can have serious impacts on your future. If you live in the state of Utah and are facing a felony charge, you need the right law firm on your side, and that’s where Howard Lewis & Petersen comes in. The Utah county criminal defense law firm is there for you every step of the way and includes skilled criminal defense attorneys in Provo Utah. Contact Utah county criminal defense law firm Howard Lewis & Petersen at your earliest convenience to discuss your case with criminal defense attorneys in Provo Utah.

Posted November 29th, 2019