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R Bruce Howell

I have been experiencing a lot of frustration with trying to get a charitable organization to give me the necessary IRS form to show the donation of a sizable costly professional equipment to them for goodwill and humanitarian benefit. They would never respond to my multiple calls which I made to them. Finally I requested the help of Jake Gunter to assist in obtaining some resolution on this matter. He was attentive and acted with due diligence. Within days he had obtained resolution in the matter. I know that his firm focuses on personal injury but Jake also is very knowledgeable in business law. His fees are fair.

Kailee Morgan

Ken Parkinson is very passionate about what he does. He’s been practicing with the firm for years and feels it’s important to work in a place where it feels like family. You will get that personal attention working with him, his knowledge and experience will help you get fair and just compensation.

Steven Drakulich

Forget the guys you see and TV. Ken Parkinson is by far the best personal injury attorney in Utah. Knowledgeable and very personable. He thoroughly explains things without making you feel unintelligent. Highly recommend!

James Webster

This is a great law firm in Provo. They have a ton of experience. I’ve gotten to know a couple of their attorneys – Ken Parkinson and Tyler Raymond and they are both great individuals and attorneys!

Joseph Larsen

The best lawyers in the business. Ken Parkinson is super knowledgeable and super helpful with any legal issue.

Clint Nelson

Believe it or not there are still honest lawyers in this world and all of them work at Howard Lewis and Peterson. I Highly recommend you talk to Ken Parkinson with any legal need you may have.

Josh Bendoski

Great Experience! They worked on a case for me and got a great result. I highly recommend Howard Lewis & Petersen!

Shaun Murphy

I just wanted to say thank you to Howard Lewis & Peterson, especially Ken Parkinson for helping in a personal injury case for a close family member. They were able to clearly articulate our options and we felt they were in our corner and were there to help us win our case.

Ds Barton

Jacob has a stellar reputation and I have other friends as well that highly recommend him

Lillian Meredith

Howard and Lewis are professional attorneys with years of experience.


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Brigg Barron –┬áSept 27th, 2017

Every time I talk with Ken Parkinson at Howard Lewis & Petersen I feel confidence and trust. He is a bulldog when the case requires such, but he is kind and caring lawyer. His results are fantastic, along with the firm as well. I have no hesitation working with and recommending Ken to my closest relations.

Scott Neilson May 4 , 2016

I have worked with Ken closely over the last year. He is excellent at what he does. I trust him so much I sent my best friend to him. He has taken very good care of him. Top notch attorneys

Joseph Larsen

Ken Parkinson is the best attorney in Utah county. He is glad to help people through any ugly legal situation.

Josh Bendoski

Great Experience! They worked on a case for me and got a great result. I highly recommend Howard Lewis & Petersen!

Lillian Meredith

Professional staff with a great reputation in the legal community.

Cheryl May Beck Anderson

Great law firm! Don Peterson handled my divorce some years ago and he was awesome! They rock! I had a different last name then.

James Webster

I know both Ken Parkinson and Tyler Raymond and they represent this firm very well!