Dangerous Roads in Utah’s Autumn Weather: How to Avoid Accidents

Autumn brings changes to the roads and highways of Utah, with these conditions increasing the risk of accidents. If you or a family member have been victimized by a negligent driver and are considering legal action, you should first consult with an accident law firm in Provo. You should specifically contact the Law Offices of Howard Lewis & Petersen.

The Risks of Autumn
This period of time is marked by changeable weather conditions, which can include rain or snow. Additionally, temperatures will often drop below the freezing level, creating ice on the pavement. The days become shorter and the sun sets earlier, which increases the problem of windshield glare during the afternoon drive time. In rural areas, deer are more active during the fall months, with the animals often darting onto the road at dawn or dusk. It is when these or other risks lead to mishaps that Provo UT car accident lawyers are needed.

Safe Driving Tips
In adverse weather conditions, you need to reduce your speed, even if it is below the posted limit. In darkness, make sure you remain within the stopping distance of the illuminated area. You should also check the mechanical condition of your vehicle, particularly its tires, headlights, windshield wipers and defrosting system. If you experience an accident that results from the negligence of someone else, turn to the services available from Provo UT car accident lawyers.

Seeking Monetary Damages
Utah has a “no fault” system of insurance, which means that damages are covered by a driver’s own policy. However, legal action can still be taken if the damages inflicted exceed the coverage limits. An accident law firm in Provo will provide the representation you will need throughout the legal process. You can find such help from the Law Offices of Howard Lewis & Petersen.

Posted September 27th, 2019