Dangers While Decorating

decorating dangers

The holidays are a festive time that people love decorating their homes to bring cheer to family and friends. While it is fun to hang lights, tinsel, and so much more, it is important to be aware of potential dangers associated with decorating. In the event that you or someone you know has an injury, a Provo personal injury attorney should be contacted. 

Here are a few common ways accidents can occur during the holiday season: 

If your home has a fireplace, it’s no doubt that it will be decorated with a variety of adornments. As time is enjoyed by the fireplace, it is important to be aware if your decorations are flammable. It only takes a small spark coming in contact with a small piece of flammable material to start a fire and cause injuries for you and your loved ones. 

Another way fire can cause injuries is by use of candles. When not used properly, candles can cause burns, or worse, start fires. If you plan on using candles, be sure to have enough space for them to burn and keep them away from any free-flowing objects. Also, keep children and pets away from them and extinguish them once they will not be attended. 

As lights are placed around your home, inside and outside, be mindful of the condition of the lights and that there are no frayed cords or wires. Also, unplug lights when you are away to avoid the possibility of an electrical fire. 

When using a ladder, do not climb to heights that exceed the ladder’s capacity and always have someone nearby that can spot you while the ladder is in use. 

Even if all precautions are taken, injuries can still occur, possibly due to the malfunctioning of objects you use to decorate. A Provo personal injury lawyer can determine if someone else is at fault. 

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Posted January 31st, 2019