Divorce or Dissolution

Utah family law attorneys often encounter clients’¬†confusion between divorce and dissolution. Separation is often a difficult thing to do for all parties involved, and in some cases, it can also be confusing. Utah family law can be complicated and you need to know what course you want to take with your Provo divorce lawyer.


In a dissolution case, everything from the decision to separate, separation of assets and the custody of the child are arranged by the couple themselves. In essence, a dissolution case is where both members of the pair are in mutual understanding and agreement that separation is for the best and that doing so in a peaceful and orderly manner is the way to do it.


In a divorce case on the other hand, the decision to split up does not necessarily come from both sides and so conflict of interests arise. Everything from who gets which assets, how much of the income of one party is the other entitled to, who gets custody of the child and so on becomes a lot messier than in a dissolution case and it often leaves both sides with resentment.

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