Hit by a Stolen Car? Can I get Injury Compensation?

hit by stolen carIn personal injury situations where a person is hit by a car driven by the owner, the situation can be complex. However, when a person is hit by a stolen vehicle, the process becomes even more complicated. When determining who is responsible for paying property damages as well as compensating the victim for their injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering, many questions arise. Because of this, always consult a Provo injury attorney when facing this dilemma.

Who is Liable for Damages?

In these situations, the biggest question you will have for Utah auto accident attorneys is who is liable for property damages and injuries to the victim. Since the accident involves a criminal element in that the driver who caused the accident was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle, this makes neither the vehicle’s owner nor their insurance company liable for damages. Instead, it is the criminal driving the vehicle who is held liable for damages.

Can I Get Compensated for Damages and Injuries?

While the answer to this question is yes, the process is far more complicated than with most standard personal injury lawsuits. In cases where a stolen vehicle was involved, the driver will likely not be financially able to compensate you for your injuries. In fact, in many of these instances, the driver may not even be able to be located or identified, making the process seem impossible. However, if you have full comprehensive insurance coverage, you can file a claim. After doing so, your insurer will reimburse you for damages and injuries, then attempt to recover the money from the driver if possible. In this type of situation it is important to contact an attorney right away to find out more about your options and decide on the best course of action.

Seek Expert Advice

Due to the numerous legal complications associated with these cases, always seek the expert advice of a Provo auto accident attorney to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Posted December 14th, 2018