How Can I Protect Myself From a Future Earthquake?

protect your family from earthquake

An earthquake is a devastating natural event that you cannot control. You have no way of knowing if or when they will occur. All that you can do is protect yourself as best as you can to minimize your losses.

However, you may not be entirely sure about what steps that you can take to protect you and your family. You can find out how to act proactively by retaining on of the experienced Provo Utah injury attorneys from Howard Lewis & Petersen today.

Filing Insurance Claims

If you live in a building that is professionally owned and managed, you could protect yourself from a future earthquake by knowing if you can file a claim against the owners’ insurance policy. Despite not being able to protect against earthquakes, the owners still has a legal obligation to insure the building. Depending on the type of policy that they have, you could have legal recourse to file a claim against it if or when an earthquake strikes.

Your attorney can investigate what kind of policy protects the building. He or she can also handle filing the claim on your behalf if you get injured. Your attorney will make sure that your earthquake-related costs are covered.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the owner of the building fails to insure the premises, you might have cause to file a lawsuit. Your attorney can advise you on the likelihood of a lawsuit being successful in such circumstances. He or she can also represent you in the lawsuit to make sure that you receive full compensation that you are entitled to under the state’s personal injury laws.

You never know if or when an earthquake will strike where you live. You still need to be prepared in case one occurs. You can start by hiring one of the Provo Utah injury attorneys from Howard Lewis & Petersen.

Posted June 19th, 2020