How Do You Know When It’s Wrongful Termination

The Utah employment attorneys at Howard, Lewis & Petersen have helped many of their clients deal with wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other difficult employment illegalities. So today’s article is to help readers determine if their termination was illegal.


It is important to note that most employment is “at-will” meaning that they can be let go at any time and for any reason or no reason at all as long as the reason is legally acceptable, but there are certain exceptions to this rule that readers should know about.


If you have a written contract or statement that promises you job security, but you were let go you may be able to enforce those promises of employment in court or get compensation for wrongful-termination.  In addition, you may have implied promises or your employer said or did things that lead you to reasonably believe your position, as their employee, was permanent or safe for a specific amount of time.


Breaches of good fair and fair dealing occurs if your employer:

  • fires or transfers employees to prevent them from collecting due commissions
  • misleads employees about their chances for promotions and wage increases
  • fires someone with the intention of hiring someone who will work for lower pay
  • lying about or dismissing the bad aspects, like safety hazards, of a particular job
  • repeatedly putting employees in bad situations to coerce the employee to quit without collecting severance pay or other benefits


There are also laws against your employer violating public policy by firing you for performing your civic duties such as taking time off to vote or serve in the military.


The list of wrongful termination actions goes on to include such things as discrimination or retaliating against you for engaging legally protected activities and making false statements about you. If you are concerned about the status of your job or the legitimacy of your employer’s practices, click here or call the Provo employment law firm Howard, Lewis & Petersen today at (801) 373-6345 for more information and consultation.

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Posted January 31st, 2014