Injured while shopping for the Holidays?

holiday shopping

When the holiday season arrives, many people are busy searching for that perfect gift. However, since stores are very crowded, many people get injured during their shopping sprees. In these cases, premises liability is an issue, since it is likely the store is at fault. To learn about the injuries shoppers sustain, and how to avoid them, here are some tips to remember. 

Slippery Floors 

In almost any store, spills will leave floors very slippery. There can also be puddles of water from snowy boots during the holiday season. While employees are supposed to clean these up quickly and place warning signs around the area, that does not always happen. As a result, many shoppers slip and fall, sustaining serious injuries. If this has happened to you, you should contact a Provo accident attorney immediately. 

Overflowing Shelves 

During the holidays, stores put as much merchandise as possible on shelves. However, this this can lead to accidents. Quite often, merchandise falls from shelves when customers walk by or attempt to reach items. Again, this results in serious injuries, especially if items are large and heavy. A Provo personal injury attorney can help you or a loved one who has been injured due to falling merchandise. 

Poorly-Lit Parking Lots

At most stores, parking lots are not only crowded, but can also have poor lighting. Because of this, customers are struck by vehicles, or slip and fall due to ice or potholes. To keep this from happening to you, try to park in well-lit areas. However, since it is the store’s responsibility to provide a safe area to park and shop, you should contact an attorney if you have been injured due to this negligence or carelessness. 

Get Legal Help

While the holiday season should be filled with happiness, that will not be the case if you have been injured due to a store’s negligence. To gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries, schedule a free consultation with the Utah personal injury attorneys at Howard, Lewis, and Petersen.

Posted January 18th, 2019