Injured While Traveling The TRAX? What Are Your Rights?

trax injuryFor many people in Utah, riding the TRAX light rail or Frontrunner is quite common. However, while statistically much safer than being in a car or bus, accidents do still happen. Since a TRAX train weighs 27 times more than a car, if it hits a car while traveling only 25 mph, the force will be the same as if two automobiles collided at 60 mph. As a result, the potential for serious injuries is high. If you have been injured while traveling the TRAX, here are some reasons why you should always consult with a Utah TRAX injury attorney.

Common Injuries 

When these accidents occur, some injuries are much more common than others. For many passengers, broken bones, severe lacerations, and head injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries are quite common. While it is possible to recover from these injuries, it often takes months to do so, which can lead to numerous medical bills, an extended absence from work, and daily pain and suffering. Because of this, always consult with a TRAX injury attorney in Utah who can help you gain financial compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Who is Liable for Injuries? 

Since these accidents can be very complex, there can be several parties who can be held liable for the accident and injuries you sustained. These can include but are not limited to the train company, the train’s driver, automobile drivers who may have tried to drive through a railroad crossing, and pedestrians who may have been standing too close to the track. If the accident involved a school bus or tractor-trailer, these drivers are held to a higher legal standard, so keep this in mind.

Therefore, if you have been involved in a TRAX accident and sustain injuries, contact Provo personal injury attorneys Howard Lewis & Petersen for a consultation.



Posted October 17th, 2018