Semi Rollover Accidents: Driving Next to a Semi on the Interstate Tips

Driving means you must share the road with all types of vehicles, including commercial trucks. Due to the huge size and weight of these vehicles, it’s important to always be cautious while sharing the highway with them. There are five key tips you can use to stay safe while driving on the interstate with a semi:

Give Extra Room

While you should always give one car’s length of space for a regular car on the highway, tractor trailers need even more room. This is due to their large size and the blind spots truck drivers typically experience. You will want to give plenty of room while traveling either behind or in front of a large truck if you are sharing a lane with one. If you notice a semi traveling too closely behind you, change lanes safely. You want extra space between you and the truck because it takes longer for such a large, heavy vehicle to come to a complete stop.

Avoid Blind Spots

A trucker has several blind spots that regular vehicles do not. There is a specific rule you should follow. Generally speaking, if you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, the truck driver can’t see your car. Make sure you stay out of these blind spots so the driver can easily spot you.

Pass Carefully

If you have to pass a tractor trailer, you should only do so when it’s safe. Avoid crossing over double yellow lines on the highway and only pass a semi from the left. Avoid cutting off the truck from the right as this is a major blind spot that could result in a serious crash. You should also give plenty of space between your car and the truck when entering a lane behind or in front of it.

Keep the Large Size in Mind

Always remember that a semi is a huge vehicle that is many times heavier than your car, takes longer to brake and is more challenging in making turns. Tractor trailers also frequently carry heavy cargo that might be dangerous, such as gasoline or other types of combustible materials. Stay in your lane when traveling alongside a semi.

Always Use Common Sense

Finally, you should always use common sense when sharing the road with a huge truck. Stay alert, avoid distracted driving and check your mirrors even more frequently.

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Posted May 17th, 2019