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If you have questions about an insurance claim, contact Jacob Gunter today.

If you have questions about an insurance claim, contact Jacob Gunter today.

Submitting an insurance claim is not filing a lawsuit. Although in my personal injury practice I file lawsuits fifty percent of the time. An insurance claim has little to do with the person who hit you with their car, or the homeowners whose dog bit you. It is an insurance claim where an insurance adjuster is assigned to review the claim, evaluate the risk to the insurance carrier, and make attempts to settle the claim. If the claim can’t be settled, then filing a lawsuit is an option. An insurance claim generally can’t be submitted until the injured party has reached medical maturity. Medical maturity can take months to a year or longer depending on how the injuries are responding to medical treatment. This is one reason for a four year statute of limitations on non-governmental bodily injury car wreck cases.

A typical car collision insurance claim takes the following steps in an organized and coherent fashion.

  1. The demand letter.
  2. Copies of the medical bills.
  3. Copies of the medical records.
  4. Police report, photographs of the collision, photographs of the injured party, traffic court convictions, if applicable, and property damage pictures.
  5. Wage loss documentation, if any. This can be letters from an employer detailing missed work.

After the insurance adjuster reviews the demand package, they have 20 days under Utah insurance administrative rules to formally respond to the claimant. The adjuster’s response could be denial of the claim, or the adjuster may make a money offer to compensate you. What is clear is that insurance adjusters treat people without attorneys in the claims process differently, than those with attorneys.

Going forward with a personal injury claim is like doing your own dental work. You simply don’t know what to expect or what you are missing. Call attorney Jacob S. Gunter at (801) 373-6345 for a free consultation for your personal injury case.

Posted February 26th, 2016