The Increase of Slip and Fall Injuries in the Winter

slip and fall

Winter time in Utah always means an increase in the amount of inclement weather. And, along with the wintry weather, personal injury attorneys also see an increase in the number of slip-and-fall injury victims seeking advice. Slip-and-fall accidents are equal opportunity events, as they can occur on both private and public property. Both scenarios can present problems for injured individuals who need compensation but do not know where to begin. That is where legal counsel comes in, and it is always a good decision to discuss the injury case with a Provo personal injury attorney as soon as possible. 

Property Control 

All property owners and business operators are required to maintain a reasonably safe space for visitors and patrons, and this responsibility includes outside areas as well as inside. In a case where an accident occurred, Utah personal injury attorneys must prove the injury occurred on the designated location and connect the event to the negligence of the owner or operator. This can include tiled floors, parking lots and sidewalk areas, each are common places for winter time slip-and-fall injuries. Documentation can often be sketchy and cases are typically strongly defended, so having solid legal counsel is vital for a successful claim. 


One of the first questions an injured victim may have is wanting to know if someone else is liable for the injury. There is usually a certain degree of fault that can be assigned to a negligent party who is responsible for financial damages incurred by the fall. Private property cases can be difficult because issues such as legal occupancy of the property can make a major difference in ability to collect compensation. Property owners and their insurance companies alike also commonly use the defense of reasonable assumption of personal risk, which is usually why a case ends up in court. Businesses can claim some level of personal assumption of risk, but the fact that they are open to do public business usually will make them liable. 

Anyone in the Provo area who has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident should contact the legal professionals at Howard, Lewis & Peterson PC personal injury attorney Provo Utah for a full free case evaluation.

Posted January 14th, 2019