Utah Black Ice Auto Accidents

black ice

Black ice is transparent, and many drivers fail to see it on the road, especially when temperatures drop at night. That is because it takes on the color of the surface below it. Black ice is hazardous, and in the context of auto accidents, it can be a contributing cause of fender benders, injuries or even fatalities. 

Our experienced and effective Provo lawyers at Howard, Lewis & Petersen have been involved in plenty of black ice claims and lawsuits. How do you gauge the potential for black ice? Just watch the tires on the cars ahead of you. If they are spraying up water, it is unlikely that there is black ice. Watch out when on bridges, under bridges or in shaded areas that the sun doesn’t really penetrate. The potential for black ice increases. 

The best things that you can do to avoid a black ice accident are to maintain your awareness of the possibility of black ice and use due care and caution under the circumstances. Keep the fact in mind that some drivers won’t take the possibility of black ice into account. Drive and maneuver slowly, and maintain an increased interval from the vehicle ahead of you. Remember that the law doesn’t allow you to blame the weather for a crash. 

If you were injured in a black ice accident as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, contact a Utah County accident attorney here at Howard, Lewis & Petersen, and you can arrange for a free consultation and case review. You will have our fullest attention, and we are going to answer your questions too. After that, we will discuss all of your legal options with you. Contact our Provo personal injury attorneys at your first opportunity by phone or email after being injured in a black ice accident.

Posted February 26th, 2019