Utah Fatal Car Accidents on the Rise during Pandemic

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The expectation across Utah is that fewer vehicles on the road during the pandemic would mean fewer fatal car accidents. From the duration of March 15 to April 5, the number of vehicles on the road came down by almost 50% according to Utah Highway Patrol Troopers. However, the decrease in the number of vehicles and a decrease in the number of accidents did not equate to fewer fatal car accidents as both DUI arrests, and fatal car accidents have been ironically on the rise. Therefore despite the pandemic situation; it is crucial to reach out to Provo Personal Injury Attorneys in case of a car accident for a consultation on your legal options.

As at April Utah Department of Transportation had reported around 60 fatalities numbers which kept increasing in contrast to statistics from the year 2019. Despite the issuance of notice for motorists to adhere to speed limits, the same did not result in a reduction of fatal car accidents. Due to fewer cars on the road, there are a lot of freeways, hence speeding. In March alone 9,211 warnings were issued to motorists. Despite the number being less than the 11,327 warnings issued in March 2019. It is important to note that these warnings sufficed despite the number of vehicles on the road being 50% their usual number.

A fatal car accident can take a toll on the family and friends of a victim. Suppose you have lost a loved one due to a fatal accident during this pandemic period. In that case, competent Provo Car Accident Attorneys can help you through the subsequent legal processes hence making the burden on your end easier.

Other contributing factors to fatal car accidents

Lack of seat belts

Despite being aware of the lifesaving nature of a seat belt, most motorists that have been involved in fatal crashes have been found without seat belts. Seat belts equally enable a stable driving position, give better control of the car and minimize the severity of injuries suffered.

Failure to look ahead

Any competent driver should always look ahead 12 to 15 seconds to establish any oncoming objects. When on the road, drivers should be alive to the fact that objects might emerge from anywhere and any slight distraction might result in a fatal crash.

Driving under the influence

While the number of vehicles is few on the road, DUI arrests continue to be made in Utah. Driving under the influence is placing yourself and all other road users under danger. In March, where the number of vehicles was down by 50%, 256 DUI arrests were made. At the same time in 2019 where vehicles were at 100% on the road, 279 DUI arrests were made. With the closure of bars, various authorities took note of the fact that the intoxication was from road trips and house parties.

Intoxication is an obvious hindrance to judgment. While most sober drivers would be quick to exercise defensive driving to avoid a head collision with an oncoming vehicle or avoid hitting an object, on the other hand, it is difficult for an intoxicated driver to do so.

What next for Utah road users

The authorities can only do much in keeping road safety. Safe driving begins with you as an individual. Paying attention to speed limits, ensuring you are driving a well-maintained car, staying sober while on the road and avoiding distractions are just some of the few ways to keep safe while on the road.

Remember a fatal crash is a source of long-lasting emotional torture to your loved ones. Driving safe is the only way to take care of their interests. However, if you do get into a crash, the Provo Lawyers at Howard Lewis & Petersen can help.

Posted August 14th, 2020