What If Somebody Was Injured On Your Property?

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If someone was injured on your property, then you may be liable for the damages they suffered. Liability depends upon certain facts and the person making the claim must be able to prove all of the required legal elements to have a successful claim. If someone has been injured on your property or if you have sustained injuries on another’s property, contact the Provo UT personal injury attorneys from Howard Lewis & Petersen.

When is a person liable for injuries sustained on property?
A property owner may be liable if a person is injured as a result of a hazard or risk on the property. The duty a homeowner has to the injured person depends upon the person’s status. For example, the duty owed to a social guest or friend is different than the duty owed to a person who is providing an economic benefit on the property. Also, if the inured person was trespassing, then liability may be avoided.  

In general, a property owner is required to take reasonable care to remove any risks or hazards that are known or should be known. An attorney can assess a situation and provide an opinion as to whether this standard is satisfied in your case.

How can an attorney help?
An attorney can review the facts of the situation and provide an opinion as to whether the property owner may be liable. If the property owner is likely to be liable, then an attorney can help determine what amount of damages is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

Premises liability cases can be complicated and may require consideration of different types of evidence. An attorney can provide legal representation during all phases of the case. They will advocate on your behalf for a just result. If you are involved in a premises liability case, contact Howard Lewis & Petersen to visit with our experienced Provo UT personal injury attorneys.

Posted June 5th, 2020