What is negligence?

Negligence occurs when somebody fails to exercise a reasonable amount of care in potentially dangerous situations. This means that a person with a reasonable amount of prudence should not act in a negligent manner. Negligence is typically due to carelessness. Intent is frequently absent in cases of negligence. Legal issues arise when people are injured or killed due to the negligence of other people or businesses. An experienced Utah personal injury lawyer understands the complexities of a negligence case.


Who Can be Negligent?


Businesses and medical personnel can be negligent. Average citizens can be negligent. Anytime a person does not exercise reasonable care, they can be negligent. Unsafe working environments can cause injuries. A failure to maintain machinery in a factory is negligent. Pet-owners can be negligent if their aggressive dog bites somebody. There are seemingly endless possibilities for dangerous negligent behavior.


Negligence Statistics


In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine stated that as many as 98,000 deaths each year are caused my medical errors. Their study entitled To Err is Human; Building a Safer Health System outlined the costs of such errors to victims, their families and the health care industry. These numbers are just for the medical field. Negligence statistics are thought to be vastly underreported. Not everybody that gets injured reports the incident. A Utah attorney should be contacted as soon as possible in the event of an injury due to negligence.


What to Do if You Have Been Injured Due to Negligence


Getting injured because of somebody else’s negligence is unacceptable. A Utah  attorney should be contacted immediately following an injury due to negligence. Contacting Howard Lewis & Peterson should be a first priority. It is important to get the ball rolling on a potential negligence case. This ensures one’s legal rights are being looked after. Victims are most likely facing medical bills and lost wages. Families are trying to get their lives back together. Negligence is incredibly damaging to society. Contacting the team at Howard Lewis & Peterson is the best decision a person can make after an injury.

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