When Does Child Support End?

How long does child support have to go on for? Utah family law attorneys agree that in cases where the child has no medical issues, has the right level of education and competent overall, child support usually ends when the child becomes an adult, at 19 years of age to be exact. At this point, normal children become self-sufficient adults who can pay for their own food and find their own home.

Then we have cases that are not so normal, specifically when children are unable to support themselves due to medical problems or through critical unemployment. Utah family law attorneys help determine the outcome if this were to be the case. In such cases where the child is literally unable to become independent and self-supporting, the parents will need to keep providing child support.

In cases where unemployment is the problem, the parents could also still support the child who has become an adult provided that the cause of unemployment is valid such as living in an area where jobs are scarce. In such cases where the limit of child support has become unclear, mediators or a trip to court might be called-for. Utah family law attorneys would need to assess the situation and help choose the best course of action.

Child support is definitely one of the more serious issues that parents who are separated have to deal with, and any information that pertains to it is crucial.

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Posted January 9th, 2013